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It's good to know that your mastery of the non-sequitor is still intact -Roman

Yay another Garth Nix fan? At least, if your name is from Shade's Children. Maybe it's not. This si a terrible GraffitiAmarys

Myrmidon just became my favorite troper.-Schitzo


I am just a simple troper with few accomplishments to speak of. I am a big fan of bad movies, confusing books and taking long walks on the beach. Unfortunately the nearest beach is miles from my home. I like William Blake, Neil Gaiman(usually) and anything by David Cronenberg. I have an interest in philosophy.


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On January 8th, for an opening post titled "Things IJBM taught me", this troper won

[awesome]THE FLAMING POODLE AWARD[awesome]

With pooperscoopers!©

Here is a transcript of the post:

    What we have learned 

1: Taking offense to everything anyone says is a bad idea.

2: Religious conversions only ever happen on OT.

3: Never talk about Muslims in the UK.

4: Threadstacks are endlessly amusing to a large segment of the wiki.

5: Letting butthurt banned tropers write the majority of an article on a different wiki is a bad idea.

6: Misotheists are among the most obnoxious people you will ever meet.

7. You should just bite the bullet and read Homestuck, because this forum is going to be annoying as hell if you don't.

8: Everyone is a transgendered bisexual atheist asexual Christian Muslim with Aspergers syndrome.

9: Don't talk about Zero Punctuation.

10: Being an insensitive, unpleasant, borderline sociopath will only make the wiki love you if you don't fanboy serial killers. Otherwise, you're fine, especially if you're physically attractive.

11: Some people will never make any sense.

12: Stop giving Rallyfan, Touhou avatars, dammit!

13: Many people have an OCD-like compulsion to read every single post of a megathread, even if it's never been a focused discussion to begin with.

14: Nobody cares about my philosophy topics.

15: The true test of an artistic medium is GREEN WOOKIES WITH AFROS, also today's kids like to make up stupid excuses as to why they don't read.

16: The wiki is only interested in hosting a friendly, civil forum.

17: Never trust someone with a Banjo-Kazooie avatar.

18: Sometimes, idiots think they're smart.

19: Generic anime girl #478967632860702 snuggles after sex.

20: You will never stop being a Virgin With Rage who can't get a Boyfriend-Free Girl to be his Heartsweet until you stop whining about it on IJBM.

Congratulations, Myrmidon!

~The Mighty Anonym

You get no nearer to the infinite being by being the sun or the moon than by being a man or an ant.


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