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I've mostly just let tvtropes ruin my life, at least so far as introducing me to series I'd never heard of and spurring me on to give them a shot (mostly anime, alas). tvtropes introduced me to Ranma 1/2 and Neon Genesis Evangelion, and in my pursuit to home my skills as a writer, I've taken on Fan Fic projects for both. That's mostly what I do.

From time to time I might make a small contribution here and there. I suppose I still feel some trepidation and will have to get my troping legs before going edit crazy, but I'll always be grateful for this site and for tropers who continue to provide this wonderful means to learn about the craft and devices of fiction and the many and varied series that use them.

As I said, I'm mostly just a fanfiction writer. My fanfiction novels:

  • Identity (Ranma 1/2): A post-manga trilogy covering Ranma's conflict with the Sorcerer Tribe of Qinghai, who take control of Jusenkyo and hope to curse all humanity the same way they're cursed. In progress.
  • The Coin (Haruhi Suzumiya): Thanks to the high price of a can of Coca-Cola, Haruhi Suzumiya discovers her powers, but whether she should embrace this world of people who've been watching her, more interested in her abilities than the mysteries around them, is up to her. Complete.
  • Before and After (Neon Genesis Evangelion): Rei's writings of self-reflection after the Twelfth Angel's attack. Consists largely of new material between episodes, speculating on what could've happened to shape this iconic character. Complete.
  • Echoes (Rockman EXE): Rockman and Roll take in an abandoned navi, not knowing that she'll ruthlessly delete anyone who touches her. Complete.

Alternatively, visit my page, or my blog, West of Arcturus, for more information and commentary on my stories. Cheers!