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Contributor, been here since the site started. I had joined for one month before The Great Crash hit- hella great timing there on my part! Used to be Silverlocke980, but changed it.

I'm on the What Are The Contributors Real Names, if you really must know more about me.

I'm a writer, tabletop RPG designer, member of the Kunin Doujinshi Circle (one of the original nine founding members!) and a fan of musicals, uplifting things, hope, and inspiration.


On the Sliding Scale, I'm lightly idealistic, since I think utter cynicism is just as blind to reality as utter idealism. A little hope is the best path and the most sensible, I think. :)

Check me out on the forums, lads!

Tropes Responsible For:

  • Light Is Not Good: My favorite page even to this day. Suggested when I was under the name Silverlocke980.


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