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I'm More Than Bored, which you probably know because you had to click the hotlink in my profile to get here in the first place. I'm a university student who's a lot more friendly online than in person. My hobbies include reading books and online articles (especially about the esoteric) as well as playing RPGs and watching much fewer anime than I actually write about. I can talk endlessly about all sorts of things that you don't care about. I'd like to be an author one day, but I'd also like for there to be a Taco Bell within walking distance of my house and we can't get everything that we want, now can we?


Did I mention that I like yuri? Because yuri is pretty cool.

I consider myself the unofficial caretaker of the Yuki Yuna Is A Hero page, a title of dubious authenticity or value. You should watch it though. It's cute and sad and has gay girls.

Despite my own personal social and religious beliefs (which I'm perfectly willing to talk about because I know that nobody will ever ask), I'll always argue for the side of logic and reason.


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