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Moogi is a younger contributer to this wiki. He is an American student finishing up homeschool. He intends to go to Cambridge in the U.K. for his university studies, but he needs the money, first. He plans to study either history or zoology, as he has an exstensive knowledge and interest in both fields. Moogi plans on writing a fantasy/SF/comedy/deconstruction epic when he finds the time to it, and has found this wiki to be very helpful in his World Building. He has yet to create any new articles, but he obsessively corrects grammar and enjoys expanding on existing articles. He is sometimes on the Wild Mass Guessing and YKTTW pages, adding batshit insanity and suggestions, respectively. He is trying to develop the definitive form of the English language, and thus he uses both American and British spellings in his writing. He has holistic tastes, in that he likes a lot of things, regardless of genre.


Do not confuse him with the creator of They are not related in any way, shape, or form.

He also has a rant about his views on art criticism, visible here.

Articles he has worked on: Too many examples to count

Launched The Edge Chronicles singlehandedly. Yay for me!

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