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I was tired of my forum name always being a red link, so here's the page. Don't expect much of a profile.


What, you want more? Fine, here's a link to my deviantArt profile so you can see some writing, poetry, and other design stuff I've done over the years. And here's a link to my Twitter account in case you actually want to see my random musings and retweets.


Persistent guy huh? Fine then, here's some creepy poetry:


I found a bowl of cherries
It didn’t last long
It didn’t help the hunger.
Neither do those white mints
Laying in the empty hallways
But they are sustenance, I suppose

The doctors in their long coats
Red and pink and orange
And their fancy walls
Of purest, darkest blue
I guess they were supposed to be comforting
It didn’t help the hunger.

The lights start to flash
The doctor in blue rounds the corner
I eat another mint as he turns and runs
Too slow; I caught him
He was tasty
I ate another mint.

Now when they see me
Or hear my whispers
They turn white and run
Down the blue halls; they’re cornered.
I’m only hungry.
I whisper what has become my mantra:


Yes it's Pac-Man


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