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Mitchell Productions (formerly AceOfSpadesProduc100 on YouTube) is an independent, one-man-run brand of online videos, and later, video games. His earliest video game making was with Future Pinball, a downloadable program for Windows computers, from late 2012 to later 2014. He started making video games using Game Maker: Studio since April 2015, after he finished making Droid Escape in GameMaker 8 to test what he has learned in the Game Maker's Apprentice. He has been uploading them to his Newgrounds page since February 2016. Here on TV Tropes, he is an aspiring Hedge Trimmer, and is mostly seen on the Real Life Section Maintenance Thread. He also created laconic pages for several tropes.


His released games in chronological order

  • Droid Escape (April 2015, privately)
  • Card Panic (April 2015, privately)
  • Silverball (June 2015)
  • Challenge of the Retroverse (February 2016)
  • Robot's Escape from Mystery Base (March 2016, massive update of Droid Escape)
  • 4x4 (April 2016)
  • Mission: IMGRIPPO (June 2016)
  • Drawgun (September 2016)

Works in Progress

  • Silverball II (2016 or later)
  • Battle for Earth III (2017 or later)
  • Biofighter (2017)


His You Tube series (account closed as of January 1, 2015; returned in July 23, 2016)

Tropes launched by him

Tropes proposed to the TLP by him

  • Strawman Speak (nuked)

This page provides examples of:

  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!:
    • In Sesame Street, He always thought that Elmo repeated "Elmo has mail" a few seconds after his computer started to repeat "you have mail you have mail". In reality, only his computer repeated anything in moments where Elmo receives mail, repeating "Elmo has mail".
  • Creative Sterility: Perpetually plagued by it, after 2016
  • Internalized Categorism: Born in 1999, and especially critical of this generation.

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