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Which am I? Am I both?

This Troper is a Self Proclaimed and not afraid nerd, Dn D player, addict of everything, Extreme Omnivore, and, since TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, newbie troper as of 11/29/08. Male.

Recently became more involved with the community in YKTTW's and WMG's after being inactive. (7/26/09)

Also, Minus Zero has an alternate identity, -0. Pronouns killed -0's father. Now -0 must not use pronouns,lest -0 face the same fate as -0's father.


A very small list of Tropes Contributed to:

Tropes Created:

Remember that I have edited more than just what is on this page.

I will hopefully be editing constantly. meanwhile, please enjoy TV Tropes.


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