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Hello, my name is Mike K. The K stands for "Kmyactuallastnamewhichiamnotgoingtorevealtoanyonerightnowski". It's Polish. I chose a fairly nondescript user name because I originally didn't think I'd be sticking around for long, and of course things didn't turn out that way. I am 29 and live in Massachusetts. I mostly hang around in yack fest and the music forums here, and also have a liveblog where I listen to the entire discographies of different artists - I am currently reviewing Pelican, and I may some day convert the liveblog as a whole into a more traditional personal review site note .

Here is some vandalism, because maybe it'll make this more interesting to look at.

note Our names are somewhat similar. I think that uncreative is not bad. At least your name is not too difficult to spell or pronounce. -Louie W


You are a microphone. The sooner you accept the truth, the sooner you'll be free to express yourself. - WUE

  • I'm pretty sure I'm three microphones, actually. - Mike K

Oh my God! I get it. You're name is Mike K and it sounds like Mikey - Bold as Love

  • The answer is a bit more boring than that - my real last name starts with a K. I do get called Mikey by some people in life though. - Mike K

I too would love to see a movie done completely in first-person perspective — Tropers/Frodobatmanvader

I like your music-related liveblogs! - Sen

  • Glad they're being appreciated - - Mike K