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The "I Like the Cheeses" Project

Cheese (the food) has always been my drug of choice, and rather than try to hide my shame like many other addicts do, I have decided to embrace and proudly bear it for all the world to see. To meet this end, I have commited myself to learning how to say the phrase "I like the cheeses" in as many different languages as possible. You could call it a Life Quest even.

My two main weaknesses with this are that I am A.) Not even slightly multi-lingual and B.) extremely lazy when it comes to doing the research. I only managed to collect a few languages on my own from shaky sources (such as Yahoo Translator and friends with high school level training.)

So, are any of you noble and gracious tropers willing to help with such a project? To get things started, I will list the phrases in languages that I think I know. Please feel free to correct any spelling or grammatical errors as I admittedly have no idea what I am saying. If you add a language to this list, please also sign your contribution!

English: I like the cheeses!

Spanish: Me gustan los quesos! or Me gusta una amplia variedad de quesos! (grammatically correct) (thanks to Heart Burn Kid and Noimporta!)

Japanese: Chiizu ga suki desu!

German: Ich liebe den Käse! (edited for melodrama, thanks Fawriel!)

Italian: Mi piacciono i formaggi! (edited for more informal usage, thanks Carciofus!)

Dutch: Ik houd van de kazen!

Portuguese: Eu gosto dos queijos!

French: J'aime les fromages! (thanks to Begoggled Fox!)

Filipino: Mahilig ako sa keso! (thanks to Kinkajou!)

Indonesian: Saya suka yang itu keju-keju! or Saya suka sekali banyak macam keju! (grammatically correct.) (thanks to Luthen!)

Swedish: Jag älskar ostarna! (thanks to Arilou!)

Latin: Illos caseos amo! (thanks to William Wide Web!)

Polish: Lubie ser! (thanks to Not-So-Badass Longcoat!)

Bulgarian: Kharesva mi sirena (thanks to Mai Waifu!)

Lolspeak: U herd ai liek cheezez? (thanks to Catzalcoatl!)

Chinese (Mandarin): 我喜欢的奶酪! Pronounced "Wǒ​ xǐ​huan​ de​ nǎi​lào​". (really "I like cheese", but same difference) (thanks to Midnight Velvet!)

ASL (American Sign Language): I like cheese. (The following should be done with the dominant hand while making eye contact. Thanks to Clever Pun!)

  • I/ME: Point to yourself.
  • LIKE: Start with your fingertips loosely on your chest- pull hand away while bringing thumb and middle finger together.
  • CHEESE: Bring the heels of your palms together, then rock main hand back and forth slightly.

Esperanto: Mi ŝatas fromaĝojn! (Thanks to Carciofus!)

Irish: Is maith liom na cáiseanna! Roughly pronounced "Iss mah lum nah cawshinnah." (Thanks to Vampire Buddha!)

Welsh: Dw i'n hoffi y cawsiau! Roughly pronounced "Doo een hoffy uh cows-ee-i" (Thanks to Bobby G!)

Kiswahili: Mimi napenda jibini! (Thanks to Carciofus!)

Hungarian: Szeretem a sajtokat Roughly pronounced "ser-ethem ah shaj-toke-ath (with silent h-s) (Thanks to Eternal September)

Hebrew: אני אוהב גבינה! (pronounced 'ani ohev gvina', H like in 'hard'). If you're female, use 'אני אוהבת גבינה' ('ani ohevet gvina') instead. -des

Finnish: "Pidän juustoista!" (I don't think you want a wall of text here, so I won't try to teach you how to pronounce it.)

Binary: 01001001 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101000 01100101 01100101 01110011 01100101 01110011 00100001 (Ramidel has spoken.)

(p.s. Since my goal is to be able to speak this phrase should I suddenly find myself transported to a foreign country with no means of conveying this important ideal, a phonetic spelling of the more difficult languages would also be appreciated.)

(p.p.s. If you also know how to say anything that might be likely to come up in conversations opened in this manner, let me know! Things like "Where is the bathroom" and "My digestive tract is a thing of nightmares" come to mind)

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