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Hi, I'm Mattwo. I'm here because I tend to overthink and overanalyze things, in fact I've even started a review show, Mattwo's Random Reviews. Like most things it's just something I do whenever I feel like it though. I'm not really good at drawing or painting due to motor skill issues, so instead my preferred art medium is 3D model posing.

And yes, this CAN be considered art, though whether or not it is art is a matter of opinion, and not fact or falseness as the only truth about art, is that art is subjective. Just consider this, most artists did not make the tools and materials they use to make art to begin with, so you can't criticize the fact that I work with things that I personally didn't make, especially if the were explicitly created for other people to use to begin with.


I hate it when people misuse words and terms like traditional animation (digital art is not traditional), CGI (usually only referred to in regards to rendered 3D even though literally all digital art is pixels generated on a screen by a computer, at the very least you can't call 2D digital puppetry traditional people, that's not even remotely close to traditional), Breaking the Fourth Wall (not all Meta Fiction is the same thing as Breaking the Fourth Wall people) and irony (though somewhat ironically (as in, in spite of my hate of the misuse of the term), I'm one of the few people who understands that what Alanis Morissette was actually describing what is known as "cosmic irony", a fire truck that catches fire? Wow Weird Al, that's the basic definition of irony right there, how do you even mess that up?).


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