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Describe Maki P here. Mmmmmmm where to begin..... Maki is short for Makiruz. Either is fine. Long time reader, ocasional updater, and now a proper member. Student of Mass Communication in the University of Costa Rica for 6 years hopping to work in film in the not-so-distant future, terrified of the incoming Real Life. Life already ruined by own observations, TV Tropes just make it funny. Currently residing in the City of San Jose in Costa Rica, no plans to leave yet. She's on a crusade to recover the term "America" that the United States of America unknowingly denied from the rest of the continent. This has casued her problems with the administrators, who fail to understand her position, but will not change her point of view.


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Hey I just googled Costa Rica in the site, I'm second (That's all for now, If I remember what else I wanted to say I'll update)


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