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How do you do, fellow Tropers? This is Macsen here. (IPA pronunciation: /mæksɛn/)

I am a wearer of many hats. My primary hat here is that of a furry. I am also an avid soccer supporter (City til we die!), and a computer tech by trade.

I do have a good amount of information in the sponge between my ears, which I don't always utilize the entirety of.

As for my contributions to TV Tropes, a large amount of my contributions these days go into recaps for the Pokémon anime. I've written the bases for almost all the episodes of Seasons 19 (XYZ) and through the Alola era (Sun and Moon), as well as Pokémon Generations, and contributed data and thumbnails for quite a few others throughout the series. I've contributed content to the trope pages of many films, TV shows, web video series (particularly Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Dorkly Originals), and web comics (particularly Furry Webcomics, including creating the page for Savestate, making character sheets for Kevin & Kell, and taking part in updating Doc Rat). Lately, I have also been building, and trying to standardize, trope pages for notable music albums.


I am also a healthy contributor to Wikipedia here.

I am in my early 40s, male, and live in Florida. I'm one of the few actual natives (second gen via my mother), and probably the most normal person here.

I am a super-casual amateur video game streamer, and pretty serious supporter of Twitch. My channel there is currently here.

A list of quotes I have added to Trope Images is in my sandbox page. I am also putting a list of future peojects there.

BTW: This is the troper formerly known as Kitch. Not to be confused with Kitchingham.


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