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This is somewhat close to my real-life appearance (me as a Sim)

Hello, I am Lunala. There is not much here, but a few facts about myself include

  • I am a teenager
  • I am a female
  • I am asexual and aromantic
  • My favourite foods are chocolate and cake
  • I am VERY obsessed with Rick and Morty and Camp Camp (my avatar image gallery reflects this)
  • I also like Harry Potter, Wings Of Fire, Pokemon, and cartoons in general.
  • My social skills are absolute garbage
  • I associate voices/instruments/sounds to colour. Examples: Piano is black and white (lower notes black, medium notes grey and higher notes white), deep synth bass tends to be black or VERY dark colours (eg: dark green, dark blue, etc), flute is a bright forest green, acoustic guitar is usually in shades of yellow/beige/light brown, extremely autotuned female voices are neon magenta/teal/pink, deep male voices are blood red, monotone voices are black/grey/white (depending on how high/low it is), etc.
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  • I know Morse Code
  • Some of my fingers are double-jointed and I think it's because I have a tic of cracking my knuckles?
  • I tend to pick up/learn catchphrases/words off fictional characters/shows/books/etc, for example if characters call each other "prats" I will start using the word "prat" too.
  • I am good at imitating animal noises.

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    My Favourite Tropes 
  • Adorkable - My absolute favourite trope ever. Pretty much every single fictional character I love fits this trope.
  • Scooby-Dooby Doors - This trope is really funny and amusing to me
  • Trademark Favorite Food - Characters having a particular favourite food associated with them is one of my favourite tropes.

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