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Describe Lumine here. — Lumine is a lurker that finally somehow decided to stop being anonymous. He's 28 year old, brazillian and (still) not very fluent in english, though he tries to read to improve it (nearly) everyday.

Friends with LittleMai and Aline! /o/

Doesn't really care about Edit Wars nor any ''Fandom"s by themselves, still he plans on not deleting any stuff he didn't create, trying to add more fun stuff. He'll try to avoid making 'corrections' as possible.


He's got a soft spot for anime, mainly mecha (his first anime was Mazinger Z and over the top stuff, like Gurren Lagann. Also, Go Nagai stuff. However, the sillyness of the genre is pretty much a must have; Lumine doesn't really like to trying to justify what should be mindless fun.

He was once an avid gamer, but studies (and work) had to come first; it's a hobby he's slowly getting back to. Old habits never die, after all. Then as he got oldered he stopped.

Adding new stuff!

  • Mega Man fan! (Yesh, my troper handle in to honor the great Lumine from Mega Man X8, that sexy (and genderless) fearsome boss).
  • Devil May Cry* fan! (YEAH! SS Ranks! =D)

Also, quite a few tropes use images from my photobucket account. I don't really mind, just...just use 'em, dammit!

Currently, i've been doing my own Let's Play topic, a FF8 run in portuguese. Sorry if you don't speak, but... if you do, you can find it here.


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