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Luma (known by other names depending on the site she frequents) is a Troper who tries to help where she can, wherever it's relevant. Although she tries to exercise cautious editing and help out, she's sometimes prone to over-editing on articles if she feels she might have been too vague or missed something. She'll appreciate people correcting any errors or providing more helpful edits to the page, as it's been a while since she's used the site. She's open to your ideas and suggestions on cleaning up pages.


Lately, she's been trying to fine-tune the Superjail! page, but will edit and check other pages related to different media that she's seen or aware of. When possible, she likes to gather sources for some information on articles for extra verification.

Luma happens to be a university student who's usually busy with class work and other matters, but give her a trope page and if she has the free time, she'll go to town on it.


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