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Leigh Sabio now has a Facebook under her Real Life name.

Hi, it's me just me, The Masochist Masculist, and this is my troper page.

In appearance I am: Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Green Eyes.

My best traits are: She Cleans Up Nicely, The Philosopher, I Am What I Am, Ms Imagination, Coaster

My worst traits are: Raised by Wolves, The Slacker, Mood-Swinger, Coaster (Yes, I said it twice. It's both one of my best and worst traits.)


My quirks are: Cloud Cuckoolander, Not a Morning Person, Lethal Chef, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Proud to Be a Geek, Genius Sweet Tooth, Trekkie, Asperger Syndrome, Cute Clumsy Girl, Wiki Walk (My mind will take these), Agent Scully, The Fashionista, Strange Girl, Yaoi Fan

Spiritually I am: Nay-Theist (dystheist), The Gods Must Be Lazy (Deist), Informed Judaism

The way I talk is: Sophisticated as Hell, Deadpan Snarker

I am the polar opposite of: Ridiculously Average Guy, The Libby, Moe

I used to be (But am not anymore): No Medication for Me, Straw Atheist

Launched and suggested: You Fail The IQ Test, Hit-and-Run Poster, You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!, Brain Critical Mass, I'm a Doctor, Not a Placeholder, Screw Learning, I Have Phlebotinum!, Tragic Funeral, All Genes Are Codominant, The Filch, The Other Troper, The Ship's Motor, This Index Is Not My Girlfriend, Stoic Woobie, Popularity Food Chain, Hate Dumb, Strawman Emotional, Logic Tropes, Hysterical Woman, The Fashionista, Ukefication, Duel of Seduction, Non-Action Snarker, Oh Great, a Snark Index, Lover and Beloved, Hypocritical Heartwarming, Kinsey Scale Of Tropes, World's Most Beautiful Woman, Gay Groom in a White Tux, Deliberately Distressed Damsel, Submissive Badass, Muscle Angst, Men Are Better Than Womennote 


Launched: Bat Deduction, Leonard Nimoy, Captain Obvious Aesop, Heroic Rematch, And the Band Played On, Target Women, Sensate Focus, Orlando Furioso

Now has her own Playing With Wiki page.

I have also created some Brain Bleach for Timecube and My Immortal, located HERE.

Admirers: thefrizzlefry (You literally sound perfect. Proud to Be a Geek? Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette? Green Eyes? Yes please. Sorry for missing you on Sunday, btw. My email is

  • Rbx5: Well, you certainly sound like my type ;)
  • I suppose it was only a matter of time... I'm TParadox, and I Ship Tease with Leigh Sabio on the forums.
  • My K/S sister! *hugs* ...Ahem. Merely my quite logical relief that TV Tropes has not lost a highly proficient and dedicated K/S slasher.
  • Mac Phisto also thinks you sound irresistable
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  • Kor Khan "Vandalize" my page and you shall see the favour returned :): I shall leave you marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet... buried alive... Tell me that I retorted the right way around! I honestly don't know Star Trek that well, believe it or not.
  • You managed to launch the TV Trope page for Leonard Nimoy? That's nice to know, because I think Leonard Nimoy does a great job being the role of Spock in the original ''Star Trek'' series. He's my second favorite Star Trek actor, right behind William Shatner. On a related note, I can honestly be credited for making the TV Trope page for actor James 'Jim' Belushi. The main reason you may ask? I just think the guy is too funny, and his sitcom According to Jim is just one of my absolute favorite shows. Check out my page if you want to. You will find many things that I like. (8^) - AlBundyFan365

I'd like to formally apologize for the comment you thought was directed at you. You are one of the most amicable people I've from, and I've nothing but respect (and maybe a *tiny* bit of PSL) towards you. -Diamonnes