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Meh, who can be fucked making one of these?

Not me.

Although, I guess I could give you an insight.

Ahem. I am Lectro Underground, I've been around here since late 2013 (But I don't post much). I am a 15 year-old male located in the magical land of Australia (Although I am not an Aussie, despite my location). I am a majestically long-haired ginger, sporting dark brown eyes, which are always covered by green-lensed glasses. Why? Because fuck you, that's why. I also Co-GM the popular Forum Game (and its sequel) WHABGF- We Have All Been Gender Flipped along with Foostoire and Maskeroni.


You want more? Too bad, I'm doing this shit at one o'clock in the morning.

Oh yeah, almost all the shit previously here is outdated, so don't hold me to that.

One last thing, I'm lonely, so hit me up with a Private Message. Send me those sweet, juicy friendships. I am completely socially incompetent, but I'll do my best to send a response regardless.

That is all.

Lectro, out.

(Why the fuck do I still do this, it's 2016 for fuck's sake.)

P.S. If you've found this, I probably posted something weird. I apologize in advance for that.


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