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Largo Quagmire, also known around the internet as Satine89, was introduced to TV Tropes by Happy Man, and ze now spends ridiculous amounts of time looking things up on it. Ze's been introduced to a great number of TV shows through the site, something ze deeply appreciates. In zir non-TV Tropes-related online time, ze writes fanfiction for a number of fandoms, does online roleplaying, and offers commentary for a few film and television sites and podcasts.


Ze created the pages for The Franchise and The Nekci Menij Show. Nowadays, ze can primarily be found assisting in the Complete Monster thread and the South Park cleanup. Ze can be found on AO3 (username Satine89), where ze is currently updating "Abraham's Son" and "Nichole's Big Break". Zir fics The Ballad Of Stoot And Argyle and Baker School Blitz are on permanent hiatus.

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