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Yes, TV tropes has ruined my life but I love every minute of it. I am a proud Cloudcuckoolander, I talk faster than the Gilmore Girls on speed, and I pride myself on knowledge of 70s pop cultural ephemera. I am a 20-something midwestern female with New York City aspirations, with the added goal of one day appearing on Cash Cab

I created the YKTTW for Truffaut Was Right, Hollywood Pudgy, Gay Conservative, and All Women Love Shoes, but so far has only created one page herself- Characterization Marches On. I need to go back to the fast-paced world of YKTTW...


Feel free to colonize/vandalize/romanticize this page to your hearts content!

Tropes I am:

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Favorite TV, animated-

Music, books and theater coming soon!


FIRST COLONIZER OF THIS PAGE-Vandro...Haha  Also To make the note use [[note]]text[[/note]] to get note 

All Your Base Are Belong to Us. You have no chance to survive make your time, Landstander!CATS

We of the Dubiously Jewish Committee inform you that your page is not up to our Kosher standards.

Seems to be under thenote  delusion that Haven is sexy. Poor her. [[supersecretspoiler:...*flex*]]

Hello ^-^ - Schitzo

How does the apple stay suspended in front of that person's face? It is a mystery... - Flanker 66

  • Because Magritte -Landstander

Like a ninja in the night, I come note ! —Kinkajou

Welcome to the Memetic Sex Pantheon, lady. We needed more women in it anyway. —Blackmoon

Nice random collection of favorites. — GethKnight

[vandalism] ~~Spain Sun & The Ubiclex Calculus

Congrats. You're my first troper vandalism. Now feel exceptionally proud of yourself as a result. — Scrye

Consider your page VANDALIZED. Gwa ha ha. — Imipolex G

I'm totally sexing up your page right now. Mwhahahaha! Feel that! <3 I love you, girl! —Senator Awesome Pants

Hey! I don't know you all that well, but from what I've seen, you kick much ass. :) — emeriin

Greetings, fellow awesome troper:) — Tomoe Michieru

Hello, Troper whose page I am just now vandalizing! ~Fuzy2K

I'M A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN. You. You are that beautiful young woman. ~Red223

Hey Landy~! It's awesome to have someone who loves Fujimoto how only a fangirl can, just like me~. <3 Thank you for being just an awesome amazing and splendiforous person~! ~Waltzy

And again, someone says something trope-worthy to be put on their (or someone else's) page! ~Not-So-Badass Longcoat

This is me, vandalizing all up in your page's lady-business. It feels quite good. - tehjinx


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