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"Insanity is what you make of it, life is accepting your own personal madness and enjoying every second of it"
"Dying is easy. Writing is hard."

The half-Irish, half-Spanish, all American, homosexual autistic nerd, L Mage is best known for...nothing. He is a Asha'man of the Blue Ajah, a tone deaf member of New Directions meant to sway in the background, a summer camper in the Hecate Cabin at Camp Half-Blood, a scion of House Targaryen and a lesser member of House Tyrell, a unicorn with a quill-and-scroll Cutie Mark and the incarnation of the Element Of Wrath, a Waterbender, a random kid from the Capitol, a Keyblade Knight that spends his time chilling in Halloween Town, a shadow priest in hiding amongst the The Church Of The Holy Light,a low-tier Warlock chilling at the Bronze, a second generation Mover, a member of the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad, a Original Vampire, a Jedi Consular, an anonymous Black Mage, and....whatever the hell else he wants to be at any given time.


He has a collection of avatars he cycles through in no particular order, a list of half-started fanfiction he will likely never finish, and a whole host of projects he wants to do but can't find the time to start in between school, an ever deteriorating work ethic, a family situation constantly in a state of flux, and general laziness. Though he dose plan on churning SOMETHING out eventually, most likely fanfiction.

His ultimate goals include gaining a doctorate in Litearture, becoming a college professor, helping the world, writing lengthy fantasy fiction books under a pen name, and tormenting his theoretical fandom. Has a love for when heroes are mind controlled into becoming evil, political scheming, mystical battles, and that thing where the young bright bumpkin receives Call to Adventure, attends Wizarding School and emerges badass paramount (incidentally this makes Egwene al'Vere one of his favorite fictional characters ever, but has Harry Potter as the exception-since he is relatively lukewarm in regards to the books).


He also likes minor characters, particularly when Slash Goggles allows him to better view them. His imaginary boyfriend changes frequently, but is currently Satin, the former Old Town whore turned steward of the Night's Watch from A Song Of Ice And Fire.

His most hated trope ever is Doing In the Wizard.

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