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"I love railguns."

The name's Brian. The username I'm currently using came up when I was trying to make a name for a RP character and just started stringing random syllables together. I'm on a couple of other sites and my most often used username is Brian_The_Elementalist.

I've been lurking TV Tropes for a while now. Aside from a couple of WMGs and a fanfic rec for Naruto I've pretty much done nothing to contribute to this site. I don't really got much else to say at the moment.


For those who are interested here is my page.

On a more recent note, I've taken to live streaming and live blogging various video games over Steam Broadcast. Normal streaming time is 9 PM EST daily.

     Quotes by Me 
"Everything is made of basic units, I'm betting if souls ever get proven to be real we'd break those suckers down into soulons."

"Well, if you're not into anthros I'm sure lovemaking would be greatly improved by doing it upon the back of a t-rex."
     Tropes that Apply to Me 
Feel free to add in any you think apply to me.
    Graffiti Wall 

WAFFLES- Kosjurake

He kinda looks like young G.R.R. Martin...3of4


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