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"You know, stuff carried by a boat is CAR-go, but stuff carried by road vehicles is SHIP-page. Somebody help me!"
-Kit being a troll again.

A troper who has recently joined Tv Tropes to conquer the websi- I mean add new tropes! Fan of Minecraft, Pokémon, TheOrderOfTheStick, Counter Strike, and anything related to MonsterSchool. Yes, I like video games.

This troper contains examples of:

Annoying Younger Sibling: I only troll my siblings from time to time! Actually, we otherwise get along well.

Badass Bookworm: I read lots of books. Guess who learned and mastered Javascript at age 11?

Consummate Liar: Hey, stop attacking me, me! But I admit it. I can lie pretty well. Maybe I'm lying about lying!

The Cynic: I will NOT say anything else.

Otaku Surrogate: Sorta.. Though I don't obsess...

Nightmare Fetishist: Ouch. Thank you. Anyway, I just love CreepyPastas, ADMIRE Ghost and Dark type Pokémon, and added all sorts of Horror Mods to my Minecraft server. That's not so bad.


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