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(The proper spelling of my handle is KiTA, with no space. However, putting that in sans quotes gets you Ki TA. This is why you frequently see me using brackets around my name copied twice. The More You Know~...)

I'm a troper from Twin Falls, Idaho, who is also well known on 4chan, Penny-Arcade, Slashdot, and a few other places.

I used to work at an ISP, now work at one of the top computer makers in the world the US's largest phone company as a tech support grunt working on going back to school to re-learn computer programming and/or computer engineering, if anyone ever manages to define what the hell that means. Also working on an iApp / Android game called "iSaga", which is still in the pre-planning phase.


My initial contribution to TV Tropes was the entry for Hadaka Apron, which I mistakenly thought was already partially created, as it was linked from another article. Fortunately, it appears common enough to warrant keeping. Unfortunately, it appears that 2 random bored tropers on a long lunch can rename anything they want without going through the procedures, as it's now named the completely abysmal Naked Apron.

Ironically, I also created the initial Hadaka Apron entry for that other wiki.

Tropes I've been working on lately:


Poked repeatedly:


My current project is keeping Antvas's sockpuppets from destroying the Medaka Box page.

Someone contacted me outside of the wiki about something I edited, and mentioned how hard it was finding me outside of the wiki, so just in case: j2ehyp (at)

I also am on AOL Instant Messenger as EldarMark. (A reference to Warhammer40000, not the religion.)


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