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Kazuya was here.So.

     CM EP 
  • Theology: The Axis Mundi: Chronicles of the Fire Years of Ashes: In a violent era filled with characters from all the moral spectrum, the following are the worst of the worst.
    • The Aeon Sophia is the ultimate harbinger of destruction. Having destroyed multiple worlds in the past, Sophia helps the Demon Kingdom to attack the Divine Alliance, causing a chain of disasters that culminated in the destruction of their world while also supporting the creation of the Humanist Republic of Estonteco. Returning a century later, Sophia befriends Misao Tsukiyama before betraying her, helps the Demon Kingdon to cause another war and radicalizates Makoto Takeyama before liberating the deity Tiamat, causing a explosion that kills hundreds. Taking a preteen body, Sophia returns to Estoneco, where she summons Sophia The Goddess and aids the millitary to take over the country and radicalize their conflict with Weilai and naming ten individuals as her Crowns, making them supreme leaders of the country. Intending to cause more destruction, Sophia frees the Three Holy Beasts, unleashing two in the Union of Starlight and fuses Tiamat with Leviathan, using the Black Stone to control her as they attack the city of Camtasia, perfectly aware that it would result on Tiamat's death. As a Goddess, Sophia violently absorbs many deities, releases the sealed memories of a Crown and drives Misao's mother to madness before taking her body. As part of the army that takes over Bachilea, Sophia happily participates in the Massacre of Bachilea and captures Brandon Ninahuaman, forcing him to watch the destruction of his natal city while intending to use the deaths as part of a ritual designed to cause the destruction of the entire existence.

     MB EP 

World Embryo is a manga by the creator of Chrono Crusade, Moriyama Daisuke.

Riku Amami, your average Ordinary High-School Student, receives a message from his long-lost step-aunt and adoptive sister (complicated family tree, his father is marrying a younger woman who had a even younger sister), Amane.

He goes to the hospital and ends up discovering the existence of the Kanshuu, monsters that exist thanks to a infection that spreads via cellphones. Riku is attacked by them but is saved for his best friend, part of a organization named FLAG, and finds a mysterious cocoon, which once Riku touches it promptly kills the Kanshuu. The next day Riku wakes up in his bed and wonders if it all was a dream. Then he spots the cocoon sitting next to his bed.

Later that day at school, when the egg hatches, is not a monster, but a little girl closely resembling Amane when she was only a kid...

The story is...long and extremely full of twists. Now, out first candidate is nothing but...Amane herself.

Who is Amane Amami

Amane Sasamori, she really was adopted as the Sole Survivor of a accident that killed the mother of his adoptive sister.

It turned out that Amane was the only person able to see the Embryo after the lethal accident on Masaki island, that retconned the city out of existence. She grew up lonely but she kept a smile, even if knowing the Awful Truth of humanity (all of humans are already Kanshuu, is just that the infection breaks the illusion mask. It isn't really as awful as the plot implies, but eh).

Amane had the power to help the victims of Lost Rebound, survivors of Kanshuu attacks with memory lost and works together with Tougo's brother, who eventually betrayed and tried to capture her for experiments of FLAG in order to try to discover her real nature.

...the experiment goes badly and the brother is trapped inside the Embryo, driving him to insanity.

Now, Amane goes there and becomes a Coffin Princess, she recreates herself into a chrysalid that she sends to his brother Riku, that one being Neene.

Amane realizes that the Embryo is going to collapse and spill its corruption to the world, driving everyone to insanity in a way that nothing could be saved. So Amane desires to turn everyone into Kanshus herself and thus save their minds at the very least. However, to do this, Amane takes the role of villain.

Eventually, taking advantage of Shirou Kurosawa's plans, Amane is able to use Neene's body as her own. Becoming the Coffin Pricess Amane and spreading the infecction while breaking the masquerade of FLAG and NEFT.

Riku defies her and Neene promises to play a game in which if FLAG wins, she will spread the infection but she will give up if she loses.

The day of the game, Amane plays the game and forces the users to fight memories of their loved ones until she reveals that it was a plan to attrack all the Jinki users and thus being able to traspass the barries put for the Coffin princess Julie.

She almost suceeds if it wasn't for The Heroine Rena and Anti-Hero Takao, who manage to ruin her plans, with Takao personally killing her interrupting her fight with Riku...before Rena's herself is possesed for the despair of the deaths of the island due to the Embryo's curruption.

Rena recover and becomes a new coffin princess, but Amane's mind is erases. As she is erased, she orders Neene to help Rena and apologizes to Riku, truly sorry of her actions.


Amane was able to play organizations and her own brother, who proved being a effective Guile Hero thought the series. She is no lacking in wits, being a effective Manipulator.


Amane is legit trying to save humanity, but her methods are far from harmless. She turns many humans in kanshuus, she takes the body of a little girl.


Amane was a Nice Girl in her previous life and when returned as a villain, she quickly left a impact as a impossing, scary enemy. All her presentation as villain involves her likeable personality.



I say [tup]


Persona Manga adapatation, we say Hi again to one of our first MB with the new format...

Who is Takahisa Kandori

Leader of SEBEC Japanese branch, Kandori is influenced for Nyarlatoteph to become God and judge humanity, believing that nature would be saved (the latter is manga only).

Kandori use Maki Sonomura for his experiments and ends up making her create a alternate world, when he visited it, he ended up meeting Aki, who separated from her Good Counterpart Mai and befriended him so much that Kandori ended up treating her as his daughter. At the beggining, he also personally shoots Maki's mother.

The protagonist confront him two times,he leaves the first time but the second time, they fight in his Mana Castle aafter Kandori had already beaten his half brother and insulted his mother just to annoy him. They end up losing, but Kandori teleports them to their school as he enjoys the antics of the Snow Queen.

Kandori manipulates the heroes using Aki and the Manga OC Kazuya Toudou as his Co-Dragons throught the series, so he could steal the Chaos Mirror shards from them and becomes God as in the game, causing many disasters in a attempt to end the world. He is later discovered to having being influenced from Nyarlatothep, who takes control of his body briefly but is defeated for Nanjo and Kandori's own will, who manages to come back and apologize for his crimes, trying to make for it by telling them the truth of their situation.

Ultimately, Kandori was a Death Seeker that tried to fill the void by becoming a deity and realized his mistakes too late.


Kandori throws his town to a Eldritch Location, but he is a fairly notorious case of Even Evil Has Loved Ones, he truly loves Aki as a daughter and is clear that is mutual.

While he insults his half brother for being a illegitimate son, is later made clear that is isn't from actual bigotry, but rather because Kandori is a closeted Death Seeker that wants to be killed.


Oh yes. He keeps the cards thought the series and while he was influence for Nyarly, he didn't lose agency for it until Nyarly posessed him using his negative emotions, and even then, Kandori was able to contain him after listening to Nanjo and accepting his criticism of him.

There nobody in the series as grandiose as him, Kandori is a man who knows no limits.


Oh yes, he truly loves Aki and shows a suave, deliciously arrogant yet charming attitude. His arrogance isn't disgusting, but rather enchances his charisma.

He eventually ends up admitting his mistakes and helps the heroes with his last moments, which gives him a lot of points.


The manga faithfully adopted Kandori's charisma and redeeming traits, making him a charismatic, smart and grandiose villain, of which even his own shadow, Nyarlatoteph, could fully tame.


Who is Kazuya Toudou?

Seemingly, Kazuya was the ghost of The Hero Naoya Toudou's twin brother who died in the past.

He reveals himself to the main characters during the fight with Chisato Kasai where he uses the mirrors to pretend be Naoya only to turn on the party. When Naoya finally arrives, he introduces himself properly and afterwards, in the Lost Forest, Kazuya reappears to attack Naoya, who was unable to call his Persona but was saved by Mai.

He works in conjunction with Aki as one of Kandori's Co-Dragons, but he saves Eriko Kirishima from Kandori for his own amusement. Despite that, he still loathes Naoya.

After defeating Kandori, Kazuya and Aki showed Naoya the memory when his grieving mother mistook Naoya as Kazuya, making Naoya question his own identity until he started to remember the past that his memory repressed when Kazuya died.

Once he remembered everything, Naoya finally realised that "Kazuya" was not the real Kazuya, something which 'Kazuya' confirmed. He was the manifestation of Naoya's guilt and self-hatred for being alive.

He then stabbed Naoya. Aki appeared and taunted "Kazuya", revealing that she never has any intention to make him a real person and only gave him false hope so she can enjoy his despair. Kazuya then started to disappear, but was saved for Naoya. Naoya finally decides to accept Kazuya as part of himself. With this acceptance, Kazuya returned inside Naoya, ceasing from existence and hugging him, with both parts accepting each other.


Kazuya is a crafty bastard that always had a trick, usually with a item. He isn't a mastermind as Kandori, but he doesn't need to be, given that he plays the role of a personal antagonist to Naoya. His lose is due to a factor that he had no way of controlling, such as Aki's whims.



Kazuya is a dick that guilt trips Naoya at every moment, but he had clear moments of compassion such as saving Eriko, sure, that was also a It Amused Me moment, but it was also a Pet the Dog moment.

He gets along with Aki and Kandori, being Aki's friend.

More importantly, Kazuya is a character that just don't stop smiling smuggly, having a charm of confidence that just don't dissapears.

He had a bit of a breakdown at Aki's betrayal, but he calmed down as soon Naoya accepted him and while he was initially angry at him, he vanished smiling, asking Naoya's to not forget his words.


He works with Aki and Kandori, he guilt trips Naoya, he enjoys messing with his friends.

However, at the end, he is clearly a shadow born of guilt that secretly, just wanted to be accepted.


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