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Hmm~ what to say. I'm rather new here, came here by accident can't remember how. Might have been something dealing with Touhou~. Anyway I'm a girl, I spend most of my time on the computer, either watching random things on Youtube, or here reading Tropes. ಠ_ಠ (╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

So~~~~ am I a good writer? o3o

  • Afraid of Needles: I'm terrified of them. Just seeing one makes me shudder. DX
  • Airplane Arms: I have a habit of doing that if feeling happy or in a good mood. :3
  • AmericanAccents: I have a Philadelphian one. From being born up north in said city. o3o
  • Annoying Laugh : I really don't like my laugh. It sounds funny to my ears. >_<
  • Annoying Younger Cousins: I have too many of them. I love them and all but being with them for hours is very tiring. ~_~
  • Asleep in Class: That was me. It started in the third grade. And I couldn't shake off. XDD
  • Berserk Button: Don't bash my Sonic Colors. Its the first Sonic game I've played and beat so I'm unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it. Also don't bash my Planet Wisp. It was the first Zone I completed 100% in the game, and the music is lovely and it makes me so happy. Just say nothing bad about it to me. It will have me ranting and dropping F-bombs and wishing horrible things to happen to you. >.> So yeah.
  • Bi the Way: Yep. Started noticing girls around me when I turned 12. :3
  • Blatant Lies: One of my habits. Questions are answered with either: nothing, no, I duuno, or bananas. XD
  • Book Worm: In school I was. Always had a book with me. Good for tuning out my idiot classmates.
  • CloudCuckooLander: Another persona I take on when here on the internet. o3o
  • Cargo Ship: Planet Wisp is my husband~! ♥
  • Cute and Psycho: Well now this is my persona on the internet. XDD
  • Deadpan Snarker: Oh I'm quite the snarker if I feel like it. It usually surprises my family when I do snark. XD
  • Deserving of Hate: Washing dishes, temperatures over 80, and cramps from that time of the month. >.>
  • Facepalm: I'm always doing it. For fun. :3
  • Gamer Chick: I play games so yeah. >w<
  • Geeky Glasses: They look like Harry Potter's glasses. That's not why I picked them though.
  • Glasses Pull: For no reason, just to stare at them. I really like my glasses. ♥
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: Yeah that's me. Don't like them at all. Nightmares and shit, do not want.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: I utter the occasional phrase time to time. And sometimes, if feeling Tomboyish, I end sentences with Ze. o3o
  • Hates Being Touched: Yep~. Which is kinda odd, I like touching everyone else, but get mad when someone touches me. :/
  • Heavy Sleeper: Oh yes this is all me. You have to shake me a good minute to get me up. And stay to make sure I don't slip off again.
  • ILLKILLYOU: I say it to my cousins if they piss me off, or if I'm joking with them. 8D
  • I'm Going to Hell for This: I say this when reading yaoi doujins. Mostly with Shouta doujins and Loli doujins as well.
  • Irony: I don't smile much. Funnily enough its super easy to make me smile~. :3
  • ItIsPronouncedTro-PAY: Most people get my middle name wrong. :/
  • GenkiGirl: I tend to get this way over the silliest things. XDD
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: I have 7 at the moment. XDD One of my cats had kittens.
  • Laughing Mad: My family thinks this of me when I'm on the computer. o3o
  • Long-Distance Relationship: Yesh I have one.
  • Meganekko: I'm cute with my glasses on. :3
  • Mood Whiplash: I do it to myself when I have dreams. :/ And when I have laughing fits my mind likes to remind of things that has me going silent to stare blankly at the wall. DX
  • Sweet Tooth: Mmm~ I love my sweets. Chocolate~.
  • Shrinking Violet: Don't be fooled by my spazzing comments. I'm actually very shy. I lose my voice sometimes. :/
  • The Quiet One: Yep. I'm not much of a talker really.
  • The Slacker: Yep. I'm very lazy~. :3
  • Uke: Ah yeah that's me. 8D
  • Yaoi Fan: I love yaoi. ♥♥
  • Yuri Fan: I don't read it as much but I like it as well.

     Let's Review Sonic Adventure~ 
So the game plan when I got to Best Buy was to get Sonic 06. Why? Because I want to play that train wreck of a game for whatever reason. Anyway I got there and searched the 360 section, wasn't there. That might have been a good thing I guess. o3o Either way another game caught my eye, a Dreamcast Collection with Sonic Adventure. I had to debate with myself, I told myself I wouldn't buy any games until Sonic Generations comes out, I was getting it release day no questions asked, I was really gonna have to suck up to my mom in order for that to work, and that meant not getting any games for the next two months.

I caved like a pansy. ;A; I grabbed it and rushed check out as my mom made her way there.

So the next day I woke up popped Adventure in the Xbox and started with everyone's hero~ Sonic.

  • Sonic Sonic Sonic~, he was, yes, the best part of the game, no questions asked. Speedy indeed I sped my way through his levels with little problems. He controlled like a dream~, I didn't lose control over him as I went full speed, he didn't slide everywhere his control was perfect, nice and tight. I've played Unleashed and Colors, so I can say his control is much better in this game than the other two.

As for his levels they were fun~. My favorites have to be Speed Highway, Twinkle Park, and Windy Valley. Red Mountain as well and maybe Sky Deck. :3

Speed Highway truly was speedy I loved it! Running a top a highway is cool~. ♥ Running down the side of a building is awesome~. 8D And dashing through the city at dawn was lovely, it you didn't get raped by the cops. >.>

Twinkle Park was awesome~~. After the bumper car part, that was fun too, running around and a top the castle. 8D Cool. ♥

Windy Valley was just as speedy as Speed Highway so it was fun to blast through. ♥ I'm such a speed demon, I blame Unleashed. X3

Red Mountain was platforming, and I do like my platforming, Sky Deck was hard it was a nice speed platform challenge. :3

After dealing with the stages I reached Fatman/Eggman who gleefully taunted, 'GET A LOAD OF THIS!' firing his lasers into Sonic who could only utter a weak 'No' as he collapsed . . .

(cough) o3o Ahem yeah he had his way with me before I put him in his place. He was a good final boss indeed~.

So with Sonic done I promptly went to Tails story.

Hm what to say~~. Tails was all racing Sonic, and Fatman, to get the emeralds, and rocket, using his flying to take short cuts and stuff. Easy really, but his flying takes some getting use to. Depending on how long you hold the jump button determined how high Tails flys, I usually just tapped it so Tails barely went anywhere. >.> Had to stop doing that, got me killed a lot, and caused me to game over on Tails' Speed Highway. But other than that playing as Tails was fun. :3

My favorite levels were Windy Valley, Sky Deck and Speed Highway. Ah if only you could play as Tails like this in other games~.

And next was Knuckles~. Emerald hurting oi~. Hm~ well I did have fun doing that, and gliding around the stages to find the emeralds gives me a chance to see look at the stuff and crap. It's pretty nice. :3 And the radar works very well. I was pleased~.

Stages I liked were Speed Highway, Red Mountain, and Lost World.

After Knuckles was Amy. Blargra Amy is slow slow slow~~~. Breaking shit with her hammer makes up for a lack of speed though~. :3 At least it does for me. 8DD Zero can suck a dick, I hate him! >.> And and those UFO robots can suck one too. I HATE HATE those bitches!

Next was Big. Oh the horror stories I've heard about Big. THEY WERE LIES~~! :| The only bit of trouble I had with Big was trying to get Froggy to bite the hook, camera wasn't helping at all >.>, after Froggy bit I pulled him in and that's that. End of Big.

And then there was Gamma~. That was fun! :3 Shooting shit is cool, watching it break into pieces~~~~. 8DD Going 'pew pew pew' as I fired~. ♥♥ The Touhou fan in me was pleased. If Gamma had a bomb . . .

Finally~ I got to the end, the last story to do~.

Everyone pooled their hearts together, cheering, 'Sonic! Sonic! Sonic!' The power of the emeralds flowed through him and suddenly,



Sonic zipped over the broke remains of the city's highway, feet brushing the water as he flew over it. Chaos snarled firing blasts to keep the hedgehog at bay. Sonic dodged with little trouble, easily by passing the whirlpools Chaos kicked up. He entered the watery body making his way to the top exploding out Chaos' head.

Five hits later Sonic was running low on energy, he gathered all the power he could blasting forward, he had enough for one last hit. It had to count!


I did it! With one ring left, Chaos exploded and Super Sonic stood victorious. :3 And that's that! I finished Sonic Adventure~. How would I rank it? Eh~~ I like it equally with Sonic Colors. X3 Like it over Unleashed yes. You know now that I look at this, this more like me babbling than reviewing. XDDD Eh either way I enjoyed the game yes, I now see way everyone gush about this game. Also bleh at the bosses that wasn't Fatman and Chaos they were too easy~.


So. Many. EMOTICONS. XD - Hobgoblin

  • No! Don't look into the light, Hob! D: - X2X

Ah, so I see you loved Adventure as much as I did. Yeah, Big's stages weren't that horrifying once you learned how to use the fishing controls optimally. Though, I still find Unleashsed to be slightly better than Adventure IMO. Still, it's wonderful to hear that you had fun! Hope you enjoy Generations (Speed Highway's gonna be one of the levels). - Delvarian

Question. Since you're a lady, shouldn't you have Genki Girl listed instead of Keet? - X2X

  • Fixed now, I'm all about being right. :3
  • You got enough energy to power a city. o.o Mr W
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  • Correction: in terms of energy, Kaz is her own miniature sun. XD - X2X
  • ... More like a solar system from the looks of it. -Dragon Geyser

Sometimes, one emoticon says more than a thousand words. - Amused Troper Guy


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