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So... Do I describe myself in third-person, or can I write my page however I like? I guess I'll go for a casual sort of thing

Um, sup! Welcome to my page

I'm a white male American in his early twenties who is an aspiring writer/animator/game designer (whichever I have the most talent for, I guess. Unless I happen to be a Renaissance Man, which is unlikely)

And that's about all the personal information I'm willing to share. I don't see fit to talk about my history, family, and all that jazz. All you need to know about me is my personality and overall character (which I'll try to be objective about, and not give out Too Much Information), and my opinions on various things. After all, discussion about media and miscellaneous trivia is what this site is about, ain't it?


As for the actual troping, I mainly frequent the Sonic side of this wiki, as that franchise has a tight grip on my attention with no foreseeable end and I have the most experience/knowledge of it compared to anything else. Aside from that, I'm mostly a wanderer of this wiki with no pre-defined preferences for editing and such. If I see a potential edit for anything I come across, I'll make it, but that in itself is a bit rare as I'm always second-guessing my contributions, if only because I'm always unsure if an edit of mine would be welcomed

So, with that said, I'm gonna go ahead to the fun part and start troping lol

     Tropes I Associate With Myself 
  • Apologises a Lot: I have the tendency of saying "Sorry" for any negative action I do, even if it's not that bad or not even my fault. You could say I'm sorry for my existence lol
  • Berserk Button: I have many, to my everlasting shame. I guess it'd be more accurate to call it a Hair-Trigger Temper, but not everything pisses me off. I'm just Hot-Blooded and have a more extreme reaction to things, especially things that induce anger no matter how minor. If you wish to know, I'll make a list down below.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Does this count as 'personal information'? Regardless, I've been told in real life by friends and family that I am intelligent, creative, and have talent in drawing. Unfortunately, even if those were true, I'm overwhelmingly lazy and am inclined to waste time watching You Tube videos, reading TV Tropes, and playing games instead of actually doing productive stuff, resulting in my planned works being in an eternal Development Hell. Been trying to fight this, but combatting laziness is hard, especially without concrete guidelines...
  • Brutal Honesty: Well, I wish. I have the firm belief that honesty is better than any lies, no matter how unpleasant, since lies ultimately don't solve anything, and can make existing problems worse. But I do think that the truth should be at least phrased in a gentle way and truly Brutal Honesty should be enforced if someone is blatantly ignoring it/is a Jerkass about it. Hypocritically, I am too nice to ever be brutally honest to other people, not even if they push me over the edge. What can I say? The inclination to avoid confrontation is high.
  • Buffy Speak: I often forget more 'complex' words to describe certain things and lack the time and/or effort to find the accurate wordage, so I just call them "things" or go for the most simple word that's relevant.
  • The Ditherer: I am horribly indecisive and pretty much require a second party to make decisions for me, as I don't trust my own.
  • Ear Worm: I chronically suffer from a case of this. It's so bad that I refuse to watch Aladdin ever again because, as much as I like the movie, all the absurdly catchy songs get stuck in my head for weeks. And ditto for any musicals.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: I generally try to use such words rather than their more vulgar equivalent. Not because I'm offended by swears or anything, though I do think swears have been overused in everyday conversations that they lost their impact. Best to use words like "fuck" and "shit" when it's most appropriate.
    • Cluster F-Bomb: Of course, expect me to launch into this when sufficiently pissed off.
  • Hot-Blooded: As said above, I can be quite passionate. Almost too passionate. But better than not being passionate enough, I like to think.
  • Ineffectual Loner: Can't deny, I'm introverted and not the most 'interactive' person. Needless to say, this only worsens my goals in life as my aspirations aren't things that can be done alone. But I'm not going to just 'befriend' people for the sake of achieving those goals.
  • Order vs. Chaos: If my username isn't an indication, I associate myself with Chaos. Though I follow laws and try to act in an orderly fashion, I think far more with my emotions than with logic, I value free will and the freedom of people over more 'lawful virtues', creativity and imaginative material is what I strive for, and I'm generally a confused person.
  • The Quiet One: Subverted? I am very guilty of producing walls of text, though laziness is making me cut down on this. But I don't really take part in many conversations. Not unless it's something of great interest to me, like Sonic the Hedgehog, but even then I couldn't care less about most topics concerning the franchise, like discussion about the voice actors or the timeline of the games.
  • Self-Deprecation: Would you have high self-esteem if you were me, a Lazy Bum and fool of the highest order? At least it allows me to be funny in some way lol
  • Shipping: I don't actually partake in this all that much. I normally don't care for romance in fiction and go by what the creators intended. I'll likely have my own ideas about what pair works best and such, but I don't get worked up about them. But for some reason, Sonic the Hedgehog is the exception on both accounts, as I have SonAmy and Tailream as serious OTPs and I'm very much passionate about them. And on the flipside, I'm just gonna say that if you dislike either pairing and/or believe that different pairings involving these characters are better, I must politely yet firmly ask you to leave.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: As you can see, when I'm not resorting to Buffy Speak, I communicate in an eloquent manner with words most complex. But I'm not above inserting less fanciful words every now and then.
  • You Fool!: "Fool" is my favorite word, and I would be calling everyone "fools" if it wasn't readily seen as an insult (I swear, I mean it in the most lighthearted manner)
     Favored Medias/Associated Fandoms 
     Berserk Button List 
On the Sonic side of things... Boy do I know my priorities
  • Don't call Amy and Cream bad characters. Or especially desire for either of them to be removed from the franchise or be replaced by another established character or a new one. Doing so will earn you a massive Wall of Text rant from me, and I'll promptly ignore your existence.
    • On that note, don't dare suggest that Amy and Cream's dynamic as partners/best friends is inherently flawed or downright harmful to either/both characters. While Amy and Cream's interactions and relationship haven't been handled the best, that's only because of terrible writing. Those two as an effective Action Duo is very much possible and they have plenty of contrasting traits to be compelling foils, and I will not tolerate any suggestion of the opposite.
  • Mockery, hatred, and overall denouncing of the Werehog is a quick way to get on my bad side. I don't mind if one criticizes the Night Stages of Unleashed, as while I don't think them bad, the gameplay of those stages did more harm than good. But the Werehog as a concept is innocent to the existence of the Night Stages, being no more responsible for their presence any more than Big the Cat is responsible for the maligned fishing of Sonic Adventure. Granted, both gameplays are responsible for the creations of the Werehog and Big respectively, but the point is that the Werehog as a whole doesn't the derision it often gets since it has the potential for gameplay much more fun and suiting for Sonic. The form just had the grave misfortune of being used for gameplay that's nothing more than Padding, but Sonic Heroes saw Big the Cat running at high speeds and playing like a Sonic character should, so the Werehog shouldn't solely be associated with Beat 'em Up / Hack and Slash gameplay. And while a hedgehog undergoing lycanthropy is admittedly very bizarre, this same franchise has a fox who flies by spinning his two tails like a helicopter, an artificial hedgehog-alien hybrid created in a space lab 50 years ago that warps space and time on a whim, and a cat with fire powers who is a princess to a kingdom as well as guardian to powerful gemstones AND originates from another dimension, these characters being one of the most popular among even non-fans. And the very next game would introduce colorful alien squids of varying shapes that can transform people into lasers, drills, rockets, and blocks by fusing with them, which would become a celebrated addition to the series. A blue hedgehog getting a bestial, werewolf-esque form is fairly tame as far as this franchise is concerned. Besides, in the context of the plot, the Werehog is more like a dark transformation that just happens to resemble a werewolf. Holy Wall of Text, Batman!
    • Relatedly, harsh criticisms of Sonic Unleashed as a whole, or at least comparing unfavorably to Sonic Colors and/or Sonic Lost World is a surefire way to incur my wrath. Unleashed may not have handled everything the best, I can certainly concede that Tails and Amy are negligible to the story, but the game as a whole sure as hell gave the most genuine effort to improve the 3D games after Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). The gameplay for both Day Stages and Night Stages are complete and functional, the graphics and designs are absolutely breathtaking and yet to be beaten by games after, the story is compelling that strikes the perfect balance between light and dark tones (compare games before and after, which went for either extreme to un-ideal effect), and the characters are written faithfully with much charm. Unleashed at the very least deserves recognition for the love and passion that went into its creation from everyone involved, especially in light of Sonic Mania getting immense praise for the same damn thing, but Unleashed never received any real praise for a full decade just because of a few flaws that aren't really that big a deal. Yeah, the Night Stages can drag, but many people still highly praise Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 despite both having alternate gameplay that drag the overall experience too, so why does Unleashed apparently deserve to be condemned as bad or mediocre for the same thing? All in all, I'm beyond sick and tired of Sonic Unleashed being regarded as bad or forgettable despite the overall great quality it possesses and won't tolerate negative comments toward the game.
  • In the opposite sense to the above, praise of any kind to Sonic Colors heavily irks me. It just boggles my mind that Unleashed, a game of great quality that pointed the games in the right direction, is seen as mediocre at best that didn't do anything to improve the games, while Colors is the game that's celebrated as the saving grace for the Sonic franchise; even though it is a thoroughly mediocre game that steered the series down a much less ideal direction. Even disregarding the painfully unfunny comedy and boring story, with Sonic and Tails suffering heavy Character Derailment, the actual gameplay isn't even better than Unleashed. The Boost gameplay is very watered down compared to in Unleashed, the majority of Colors is played in 2D despite being a 3D title, and the level design is straight up awful with extensive block platforming (which is especially damning since one of the many things that made Sonic stand out from other platformers was the focus on slopes instead of blocks for platforming) and contains many elements that are no less tedious than the Night Stages of Unleashed. Colors was never an improvement over Unleashed and I don't take kindly to any sort of positivity for Colors, simply put. note 
  • If you have negative feelings for SonAmy and Tailream and can't even muster up anything nice to say about either pairing, then you can forget about being on my good side. Ever. I know it's highly irrational to get that worked up over fictional pairings, but I've seen one too much dislike for Tailream and especially Son Amy, so suffice to say I'd prefer not to see any more.

On more personal matters...

  • Anti-Environmentalism in general. Maybe it doesn't count as a Berserk Button since the state of the environment is a heated topic in Real Life, but all the same, I have nothing but contempt for those who disregard this planet and its wildlife.

I hereby give you permission to trash this spot, you vandals!


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