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Well, where do you start?

KamiKaze has been lurking the wiki for a long time (seriously, she remembers such things as each Neon Genesis Evangelion character having their own pages, the existence of I Am Not Making This Up, when Nightmare Fuel was only one page, and many others). However, oddly enough, she has only just now started a wiki page. Don't ask why.

She is currently a first year college student (studying Theater Arts) living in the United States (insert Eagle Land joke here). No, not telling you where in the States. You'll have to talk to her personally, sillies!


Well. Let's share some random fun facts, then!

And now, a quick list of things she likes and thus more likely to Entry Pimp:

There's probably others she has forgotten as well, but she'll add them once she thinks of them.

Oh! Since everyone else is doing it... tropes that describe her! Yay!


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