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"Describe Joseph Staleknight here."

Hmm. Okay.

I'm a guy who has various artistic (and some technological) endeavors. My sun sign is Aquarius, while my year sign is the Horse. I have yet to find a job in the real world, but when I do, I should be able to get money and have a good living.

Also, I'm really bad at updating my Troper page.

    You can find me on: 

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    TVTropes Pages I Jumpstarted 

    YKTTW's I Contributed To 

    YKTTW's I Created 

    A Selection Of Pages I Contributed To, Helped Fix, Or Commented On 

    Tropes I Contributed Playing With Wiki Entries For 

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    Things I've Created 

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    Webcomics I Read 

    Tropes That Describe Me 

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