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Note: If you want/need to contact me, you'll have to go to my DA page listed below (preferred method) or e-mail me, as I can't receive PMs. You could also vandalize me, if you don't need a reply.

Just a plain old mild-mannered but (very) opinionated geek girl. I can usually be seen hanging around the Transformers articles (especially the Timelines ones), but I'm also especially fond of Adventure Games and just about anything Science Fiction. For more detailed info, you can try my TFWiki userpage or my deviantART account.

I'm also the webmistress behind The Many Deaths of... mentioned on quite a few pages on this site. Which is how I discovered this site in the first place, funnily enough, since it kept popping up in my referral logs...


I can often be seen de-ptitling wicks, pitching in to help with fixing wicks to disambiguated pages and moved namespaces, fixing misspellings & formatting, writing examples about obscure things, and kvetching about how I want us to keep the wiki community and discussion actually on the wiki and for us to stop slowly removing all Just For Fun elements.

Feel free to vandalize my page if you like.

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This is vandalism, because I feel like it. Follower of Eris


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