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Hello all! Jedd-the-Jedi here, from Sunny Singapore! I was introduced to TV Tropes by my best friend, and the sheer number of examples of tropes here boggles the mind. It's hard to choose a favourite trope, but mine would have to be Beethoven Was an Alien Spy because it's not enough that presidents were just presidents or founding fathers just founded their fathers - they must be something cooler! I'm also a big fan of Hey Its That Guy! because I have been doing that (playing six degrees using actors and films) ever since I was a kid, and it helps Mum understand several films better. For example:


"Hector Barbossa makes a decent living as a tailor working in Panama, and is married to Helen Tasker and they have nice kids, one of who is Harry Potter. And then James Bond screws everything up. "

I'm a self-professed fanboy, a nerd through and through. I've been fans of various things since I was really young, from musical conductors, to dinosaurs, to Star Wars, through to Batman. I also enjoy 80s spectacle musical theatre (even though I was born in the early 90s), especially The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables.

Many tropes are so appropriately named I'm hitting myself over the head asking "why didn't I think of that first?" But then of course I wouldn't have, due to hitting myself over the head one too many times.

You can access my Deviant Art page here. My You Tube page can be accessed here. You can watch my violin playing and some of my voice work there.



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