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Describe Jamaican Castle here. Don't mind if I do!

Huge nerd, originally forever of the Star Wars persuasion. Addicted to World Of Warcraft and unashamed. Proud Browncoat. Sometime-writer of the second-most massive crossover fic ever. (Behind, of course, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, and possibly the PPC.) Still can't believe it took me this long to find Discworld, either. Sneers at your mortal "logic", but only behind its back.


I lurked about on This Very Wiki for upwards of a full year before writing this page, so I've entirely lost track of what pages I've contributed to. However, there's good money riding on: -any mention of Michael Daniel Liberty and his escapades in the Starcraft verse -about one in five mentions of Aaron Allston's contributions to Star Wars -probably the same proportion of references to the New Jedi Order - and half the positive ones -most recently, adding several of the Recaps for Firefly, including the movie

Has a tendency to ramble, and go off on tangents. Like this one time in calculus class I - where was I? Ah, yes.. the name. All I'm allowed to say is it was conceived in a game of Mad Libs. Make of this what you will.


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