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Jalm are Troper, Fanfic Author, Gamer, High School Student, Psychopath, Let's Player, Grammar Nazi, Nerd, Jalm.

...There's nothing really much to say. I have a wide range of tastes: it's pretty hard for me to hate something, even if it's really, really bad. That doesn't mean I like everything, but I don't really hate anything.

Some of my favourite games/movies/books/stuff include Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Super Smash Bros, Disgaea, Fable, Lord Of The Rings, Shaun Of The Dead, Dungeons And Dragons, World Of Warcraft, Harry Potter, Dead Rising, Megaman Battle Network, Sonic The Hedgehog, Halo, Gears Of War, The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, but it doesn't really end there.



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