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Jai Nico Sockathan Fujoshi is her tvtropes handle, but it's way shorter and easier to call her "Ann" or "Annarchie". Ann is really into videogames, anime and gay stuff. She's a huge fan of Nitro+Chiral games and animated shows like Miraculous Ladybug and Steven Universe. Her type of music is a very weird mix between vocaloid, internet artists and videogame/tv soundtracks (yes, even Undertale, even though she depises it), steering far away from "popular" or "mainstream" music. Annarchie's physical appearance is that of a short and chubby, brown-eyed girl with dark wavy hair. She doesn't really have someone to gush about her likes, so she keeps them for herself. According to her friends, she writes really good stories, even though she messes up with the endings (what kind of superhero story ends with everybody dying, resurrecting and later dying again!?)


No, she's not an anarchist.


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