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Good Lord...where do I start?

Okay, I'm a twenty-something gal from the east coast of the U.S. I've been reading since I could pick up a book, and writing almost as long. (Nothing published yet, though I hope to remedy that in the next few years.)

I have a lifelong love of speculative fiction, history, world religions, and mythology. Over the past few years, I've also taken a real interest in urban folklore, photography, and urban exploration.


I'm a high-functioning Autistic (i.e. an "Aspie"), left-handed, and a pseudo-liberal Christian with Messianic Jewish tendencies (if that makes any sense). I'm also a "newlywed" of two years, with a bisexual husband.

I have made contributions to many pages here, and most of my favorite television shows are on the BBC.

And yes, I have green eyes.

That is all. :)


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