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Describe JacksBot here.

...Uh. Do I have too? Yes? *sighs* I guess I can try...

Well, to start of with, JacksBot's crazy. Which, actually, might be all you need to know. But since this is a page with my name on it, I'll get to tell you anyway. Which is good, because I've always liked talking about myself to a captive audience.

First of all, I'm a trap. The trick is to figure out which way as gender is a nonissue for me But I like to dream of myself as sought after.


I've been extremely sarcastic all my life, much to the annoyance of my entire family (which is not broken by the way). I'm a traditional, can't believe even if I try, Atheist, and proud of it. I do not believe in a life after death, and that makes me happy.

I'm an avid fan of fanfiction, and sometimes I get into new series just because I've read a crossover. I like cop shows (maybe a bit too much) and angst is most definately my cup of tea. I like genderswitches as well, both ways, and have even written a few of my own (and no, I won't tell you how to find them or what they were, that record was expunged for a reason). I also like controversal topics in my fandoms. Yes.

I read faster than your average person, and as such, constantly shock people by having a new book almost everytime they see me. I find this fun. I didn't use to be like this. It's a good thing that my friends are just as crazy as I am.


My favorite word is defenestration (from the Latin fenestra) which means to throw out a window. My least favorite word is violate, which I'm sure you all know the meaning of. My favorite color is orange, which has nothing to do with a certain ninja...

My goal is to read all the Tropes. Which would be so much easier if I didn't keep getting distracted by the examples... Hopefully, this goal won't end with me dead. Maybe. So far TV Tropes hasn't ruined my vocaublary, but it has ruined my pronunciation. Thanks alot, guys.

I'm extremely prone to WikiWalks, even though I have no electronic dog to walk. Maybe I should get one. My genre savvy-fu is strong, and I don't like taking the highroad because I'm scared of heights.

Oh, and this page is brought to you by my bot. His name is Bot. He runs my TV Tropes obsession when I'm... unable.


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