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"Point me at something and I can do it. ...As long as someone tells me how to do it." -Jack

Jack Avalt Handler, also known as Jackobol Trades, is a casual troper slowly getting more immersed in the phenomenon. He likes to think of himself as a Jack of All Trades, hence his screen name. He takes to Robert A Heinlein's saying of "Specialization is for insects" to heart, and is currently in the process of learning about the most diverse and applicable trade: Technical theater. He also dabbles in writing, drawing, singing, acting, construction, lighting, sewing, book keeping, accounting, animation, voice acting, language speaking and underwater basket weaving.


Jack can often be seen... well nowhere, he rarely leaves his house, and is never in public for more than an hour or two. But, if he is in public, he can be seen in one of his floor length dusters no matter the season. He fills the pockets of these dusters with the tools of the common work day crises: Paperclips, staples, stapler, rubber bands, pens, pencils, sharpies, hand sanitizer, q-tips, band-aids, nail clippers, a lock, ear plugs, floss, a wrench, a compass, and a roll of duct tape. He naturally grows a neckbeard and nothing else, which casts doubt on the veracity of his character, but at least he shaves it off and refuses to wear fedoras.


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