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Jabroniville discovered the site a few years back (before it really hit big and the anime fans found it in a major way) after searching up Happy Days on The Other Wiki and linked "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome" with Brother Chuck on this site. He fell in love immediately, and... well... TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

His first move on the site was, after some searching and being SHOCKED that it did not already exist, creating the Ugly Guy, Hot Wife page, after one of his favourite sitcoms, Everybody Loves Raymond. After a few months of fun (and watching his only original topic grow), he drifted away from the site. Returning almost a year later, he found his beloved topic had grown to massive proportions (but now regretted the name, since the trope was really meant to encompass any relationship and not just marriage), and created a page for Luann, the comic strip, since it didn't already have one. Now he's a regular on a full-time basis, but still doesn't read the forum or join the community (it takes up enough of his time).



  • Created the Ugly Guy, Hot Wife page, and most of it's descriptive text.
  • Created the entire Luann page initially (a handful of other Tropes have been added since).
  • Often adds descriptions to Tropes that are merely stated under a show, like explaining why The Fonz is a break-out character.
  • Completely refurbished the Happy Days page to feature more than a casual description that complained about it going too long, and doubled the size of it's Tropes Index.
  • Added about twenty-odd Tropes to the Archie Comics page, in addition to explaining and thoroughly describing most of the Tropes that were left blank.
  • Created the Hollywood Hype Machine page to explain the hows and whys of celebrity and TV show fame.
  • Wrote up a page for gay-themed comic Chelsea Boys, though he's actually not gay (certain Red Power Rangers notwithstanding). It's just a quite good comic.


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