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"I Am

Imagination, Effervescence, Perseverance

I want to inspire someone, to do more than exist.

I know who I am.

Humor is important to me.

Manners are important to me.

Thoughtfulness is important to me.

I know who I am.

I build castles in the air.

Nothing sucks more than being alone.

Nothing bad ever happens at school... except for learning.

I Am

Name: JTheGreat

Gender: femme

Occupation: high-schooler; resident Silent Snarker



JTheGreat is a humanoid lifeform living in the Northwestern United States. She enjoys a variety of media, including books, anime, comics, videogames, and television shows. In her free time she writes, draws, plays flute, plays guitar, sings and blogs. She enjoys walking with her hands in her pockets, scarves, and cheesy jokes. According to her, every day should be used as an opportunity to do something epic.

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