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Obsessive drama nerd hailing from California. I delight in anything by Joss Whedon, clever musicals like Sweeney Todd, and RPGs of all kinds. I've contributed to a number of tropes and created Broken Pedestal, all before officially 'Getting Known.' I've just finished watching through Buffy on DVD. After getting known, I launched the Took a Level in Badass page.

The Hitchiker's Guide to the Tropers has this to say on J Random User: "Mostly Harmless. However, be aware that he very much enjoys Season Six and Seven of Buffy (particularly Spike's redemption arc), as well as Dominic Deegan (though Snowsong was poorly executed), and he fails to see any Chickification in Kim Possible. He would much prefer it if you could try to be a little less contemptuous when discussing those."



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