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JBK 405, really, how do you describe somebody like him? It's a bit tricky, no question.

I am unabashedly a nerd, perhaps the largest nerd in my office, and am damn proud of the fact. Science-fiction, comic books, video-games and the whole lot like them are what get me through the day (In fact, while writing this I am wearing a shirt advertising my local comic-book shop, and yesterday I was wearing a shirt that had me photoshopped into a picture of Kirk and Spock).


Comic-books are my current Cause célèbre, but I have noticed that my interests tend to swing wide in a few general patterns, and in a few years comics will fall by the wayside and I will latch onto games or television or some other specific section of fiction, only to move on again a few years after that. I have yet to ever actually drop a hobby, I will probably continue reading comics until I die, but just like I still play video-games in my spare-time, comics will no longer be my primary focus.


Articles I have started include (But are not limited to):



Almost all of them could use more love, as of this writing there have been no addition to Echo that I did not add myself, but I gave most of them a pretty basic starting point, and two or three have managed to grab a few other editors. There are a few other articles that I think I started, but the fact of the matter is it has been so long (And I have made so many miniscule edits) that I can no longer recall for sure, and I don't want to list them here for fear of offending the person who really did it. I might be shamelessly arrogant about what I have accomplished myself, but I try never to trod on the toes of other peoples work, either.


I would also like to claim "ownership" over several articles since I added almost all the examples listed therein, re-wrote most of the already-present data to conform to Wiki rules and regulations, and regularly patrol them for vandalism and incorrect info, but I am aware that TV Tropes (And Wikis in general) do not work that way. Just because I spend a lot of time on that page does not mean I have any greater say or responsibility than anyone else, and I do try to keep that in mind when making edits. I do, however, take pride in my managing of these pages (Whether my efforts have been for good or ill is up to everybody else to decide).

Pages I regularly read, write and edit include (But are not limited to):

There are a lot more pages on my Watchlist than I mentioned here, and I edit and review those as needed, but these are the articles that I really care about. I will, on occasion, scroll down through the entire page looking for individual typos (Oy, do I leave quite a few in myself) and re-writing each contraction into two separate words. That does not mean they are perfect, that does not mean they are perfect even by my own standards, but I try.