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Meh. Excitement is risky. I hate risks.
Ironscope, Real Life

Hello, there. I'm one of The Contributors. I don't care to give you my name, but refer to me as "IronScope" for the sake of identification. ("Iron Scope", "Ironscope", "Iron scope", etc. are okay. Just parse it how you like.)

I have a ... rather eclectic set of interests. I won't tell you what they are, but you could probably figure them out if you were really interested. (But why would you be?)


I don't spend any time on the local forums. I more or less gave up on this website after getting fed up with with an increasing number of Clueless Contributors. Made a comeback shortly afterwards, but still despises said clueless contributors, as well as the unpleasantly large number of tropers who are wankers.

See immediately below for a list of tropes that may or may not apply to me.

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