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Not Pictured: Rabies, tentacles, and a bloodbath.
Dear Boss...

Wait... wait, who are you? You're not even a real troper.

It's true... you caught me, I guess. I'm not a real troper, I'm just a... Ah. Not sure what'd you call me. What do you think, Bookhobbit?

A blood-thirsty sociopath with googly eyes and glitter.

Mmm... Yeah, probably that. Hi, you can call me Infi; it's short for Infi. I like cute things, cuddles, warm hands, snuggle-bunnies, and serial killers. I may just be the nicest monster you'll ever meet! ...sorta. I'm questionably female, heterosexual, California born-n-raised and currently fourteen years of age. The latter is subject to change on a yearly basis.


My favorite things in life change at a moment's notice, but I'll put some current things here:

What am I doing here? Not even I know. After being sucked in, TV Tropes quickly ruined my life(thanks to a certain scalpel-wielding hobbit with a peg leg), and now all I do here is lurk. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to edit pages without having Book check it every three seconds, but until then... I'll be mastering the secret art of levitation.

Speaking of Bookhobbit, I may as well mention that all violence of mine towards her is good-natured. You see, we have a very special kind of friendship. I'm a horrible, yet classycreature from who-knows-where, and she's a mild-mannered bookworm. Together, we evade taxes and plot world domination.


Also, sometimes I write and draw(pictured). I could put up the links to my dA but... you're not interested. :V INSTEAD, how about some tropes that probably apply to me!? Yeah? YEAH!

...Yours Truly


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