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I hate my roomate so much right now, for showing me this site. WHY is there so much incredibly entertaining and useful stuff on here? DAMMIT. There goes my silly idealistic hope of having a real life outside of this damn screen. (I'm justifying all this by making copious notes to be used in stories, or recopied into one of my notebooks.)

I've done various small edits here and there since I discovered TV Tropes. my first noteworthy personal contribution to the site, to date, has been creating a page for Varney The Vampire (12-25-09).


And also for Dangerous has this site been around so long and nobody's started it till now? ('now' being around midnight, 2-9-11). Well, I did it! I'm sure it'll grow, once people come across it, but I'm too tired right now to really link it around.

Made a page for Again, Dangerous Visions (2-10-11), and created As Flies To Wanton Boys (2-13-11), in conjunction with same.

At this point, I guess this page is just going to be a list of pages I make. So I can keep track and check back periodically to see how they're doing. If you're reading this and you're not me—unlikely, as I'm sure nobody cares about WHO does the writing for Wikis—I...have nothing. If you wanna spend your time reading this, that's your business. Waste of time, though.

  • Done extensive additions to Hogans Heroes, as I go through the show on You Tube (2-27-11 to 3-6-11 and counting)
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  • Started page for How Few Remain (10-27-11). Someone's already checked it out (still dunno how that's done), which is hopefully a good sign (i.e. someone else wants to be more obsessive about it than me). Will check back later.
  • Started page for Marat Sade (12-4-11).
  • Started page for The Iron Lady (1-10-12).
  • The Revengers Tragedy (3-18-12).