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Who is Impossiblah?

Impossiblah is Nothing.

More seriously, Impossiblah, or Imp for short, is a frequent poster on the MS Paint Adventures Thread on the forums.

He is also completely batshit insane. But relatively harmless.

Noted for his idiosyncratic sense of humor and tendency to hide emotional pain behind an unserious façade, Imp is nevertheless capable of occasionally dropping the act to put forth serious analysis. And when he does, oh boy, look out.


Has a tumblr but doesn't use it much.

Oh, and he's evil.

    An Incomplete list of things that at one point or another Imp took an interest in 

Anime and Manga


Western Animation

    Current projects 

As readers of the MSPA thread are doubtless aware, Imp has a "idea pile" which is...well, a pile of ideas. So he has no shortage of things to not work on. And it keeps growing. The idea pile doesn't stop from getting taller. So, what is he most focused on not creating at the moment?

You need a blue name! Welcome to the Homestuck thread! :D - Victin

This dude's weird, take it from me - Ninety

Psst, you're evil, right? Want a partnership? Check out my troper page. >:] ~Bunnie


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