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Alright, maybe it's time to actually bother writing a real profile. I approach this task with great reluctance, as it has been acknowledged that it is my tragic misfortune not to appreciate long walks on the beach, and I can't imagine a profile being complete without including that phrase.

So. Me.



I like long walks on the beach and the fiction listed below. And have been known to completely abandon good taste if a possibility of femslash exists.



This troper's inbox is open to anyone looking for someone to talk to.

You Are Now Free to Vandalize About the Area

  • (Füschlatz runs toward you at 800km/h and glomps you without slowing down.)
  • Salutations, person who kinda shares my name. - Imi
  • So, I heard you like Yuri... :D - kay4today
  • Did someone say Yuri? -Indigo12ash
  • Someone noticed! Thank you! :D - Mr Mallard
  • I should like to preserve the following quote of yours for future reference and coolness. - Telcontar
    [B]utterflies are badass.
  • Pleased to meet you. -Mokona Zero

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