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Name: Ilara'Tam nar Selani

Age: 20

Race: Quarian

Profession: Anything that pays the bills (within reason)

Location: Citadel

Parents: Mira'Tam vas Selani, ship's psychologist; Vakoth'Tam vas Selani, mechanic (previously a musician)

Ilara is, and in a way has always been, between ships. She's never quite known what to do with herself. She's more interested in reading than fixing things. She was known for sleeping in class. She embarked on her pilgrimage a year ago with no idea what to bring back, and she's still drawing a blank. Part of her doesn't even want to go back, for though she misses her family and the community, the fact is there's so much more life out here. She is insatiably curious about alien culture and history, and harbors a deep desire to visit both Earth and Thessia. She has read the Bible and enjoys opera, darkwave and Volus Steampunk. Once she even tried human curry. To put it simply, Ilara wants to see and experience everything the galaxy has to offer at least once, and can't even begin to choose where to start. Somewhere in the back of her mind she believes that, like everything else in her life, her pilgrimage will just fall together at the last minute, and when she's ready to go home, she'll have an excellent gift to bring with her.


Ilara is currently the Chief Engineer on the Nialla. Until recently, she was also the "mother" of the Operation Uplift subject Fero, a particularly intelligent vorcha. She has been classified as a "daredevil", impulsive, but also of high moral fiber. She loves joining in Hok's and Aphin's pranks and shenanigans, but she never says so out loud.


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