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Guess I should make my own Troper Page (when I have to rewrite a whole section of a paper... In less than half an hour... So Yeah...)

If you want to add comments or ask questions, you can do that at the end of the page

Anyways, I would be Icalasari. Where did I get the nickname from? From one of the creatures in a card game I am working one. Icalasari is the Basilisk of Ice in it. I have put way too much work into the game, even developing continents, several hundreds species (over 400 or so), religions, a language... Yeah...


I have also been working on an RPG Maker game to help explain the history (I accidentally deleted it, and when I recovered the files... Let's just say it is a good thing I remember most of the maps from heart. Balancing will be annoying to do again, however >.> I also lost a lot of region names and, well, yeah, let's just say it gives me a chance to redo the damn thing ;.;).

With the card game, there is at least one true pantheon (I have been playing with the idea of multiple ones, with the world in each mythology essentially being each continent, and there being constant territorial disputes. The one that is fully fleshed out right now is the main one, however, considering that they have a reality altering goddess and a god of chaos that both battled, essentially creating the universe)

I am also working on a comic (God I need a tablet >.>), So Yeah, I'm busy :D


Tropes in my card game (which has so much done for it that it could easily become a video game, cartoon, book... You get the idea) include:

  • Crack Is Cheaper - One of my friends who tested it didn't want to play at first. After he did, he became obsessed and kept on wanting to play. It may be an isolated case, but it would be nice to reproduce that effect with a larger base of people..
  • Dark Is Not Evil - The 'deity' of Chaos is a Dark/Oz type in his true form. He battled with Cryna, and saw that life formed due to the battle. He then split into twelve pieces to piss off Cryna and to save life, knowing that she wouldn't wipe out reality itself until he was good and dead.
  • Female Angel, Male Demon - I will list off the creatures that fall under this so far:
    • Alphight and Zetark (Alphight being a female Angel-like deity, and Zetark being a giant, demonic bat)
    • Herantev and Hadesonil (Herantev, although not a traditional angel, is an angelic deity bird with a halo, and Hadesonil is a demonic deity dragon who likes to cause chaos and destruction)
    • (Ancient) Falcatra (Warrior) and (Ancient) Hawkatra (Warrior) - Yep, three different forms for both. Falcatras are always female and cast in an angelic, protector role, while Hawkatras are always male and are demonic, even bullying other creatures into forming armies to protect them
  • Fantasy Pantheon - And how! Eight continents with a pantheon for each, and each pantheon having a minimum of four deities.
    • Diamos Pantheon - Some influence from Egyptian and Abrahamic Mythology, but mostly original
    • Desain Pantheon - Containing some more original characters, it is the smallest Pantheon
    • Elmena Pantheon - Two original deities, four deities drawing from North American mythology, and one drawing from the Slenderman Mythos
    • ??? Pantheon - Based on the Leviathan, Behemoth, and Ziz, with two lower deities based on the Sun and Moon (Drawing inspiration from, of all places, an episode of Star Trek) and another two based on Angels and Demons
    • ??? Pantheon 2 - Based on the Norse Pantheon
    • Necrice Pantheon - Based on the concept of Fire, Ice, and Lightning, with four based on seasons
    • Five based on culture and two based on a duality between Nature and Technology
  • Light Is Not Good - The deity of Reality, Cryna, is a Light/Oz type (Oz being the equivalent of a Deity Type) in her true form... And thinks nothing is perfect, and as such wants everything to be wiped from existence. To be fair, she is shown as insane in her songs.
    • Also, there is a Deity of Life, Light, and Lust. Why Lust? She can change her form to lure people by being their image of the perfect man/woman. Not so bad, right? Well, she does this to lure those who are in relationships, then slaughters them if they fall for it. Subverted in that she does this for good reasons, but at the same time would still be seen as evil at times for slaughtering people.
  • Mayfly–December Romance - Nearly happens at one point between Alphight and a mortal, but the other deities do not approve and kill the mortal. Leads to an interesting situation, as Alphight is in charge of SOULS, meaning that she is easily able to get the man's soul
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money! - Averted
    • Not only are the most powerful cards a pain in the ass to summon (the easiest ones take up two slots. which is a huge disadvantage), but you pay Oz (life force) equal to half of the attack power, rounded up. A person loses Oz equal to their creatures maximum HP. So hitting a creature that has, say, 100 HP with a 500 power attack will cost you 250 Oz and them 100. One could presumably win by just stalling their opponent with weak creatures.

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