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Hi everyone. My nickname is Iamabrawler (just because I'm a fan of SSBB), and it's my first steps in this great big world that is TV Tropes. I have a very active imagination as I,m literally a well of story ideas, not only for fanfiction but also for original stories (which I would be really glad to talk about, but only to those I've known for a while). I'm also a university student in a program about communication, and I'm hopelessly trying to find a job where I live. I'm highly intelligent, which is great most of the time, but it also leads me to think often too thoroughly about details that would seem unimportant to others (who else than me actually cares about innocent bystanders in works of fiction?) ...But anyway, I might not edit TV Tropes itself very much, as I can't think of any page to add in teh tropes themselves. I do think of a few shows that could be added here, but of course that would require some proof-checking and others to add to the page. What else can I say about myself? Well, I'm not just Canadian, I'm French Canadian, which means I'm of the minority of French speakers on all North America, I love my province and its culture. If I ever get on your nerves talking about it, just tell me, I'll understand. I could also use a mentor on here when it comes to linking pages together, as I'm not exactly an expert in that domain. Well, if you went through all of this, thanks for reading, and I hope you'll read about my ideas on the forum!


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