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A hummingbird hawkmoth is an adorable insect that makes me very happy every time I see one.

    Tropes Applying to Hummingbird 

Absurd Phobia: Fortunately I grew out of this.

  • Elk: I saw nature documentary about them and had nightmares for months.

Bi the Way

Cloudcuckoolander: I get to same place as everyone else eventually. I just take the scenic route.

Fantasy Kitchen Sink: My usual writing schtick.

Non Sequitur: A specialty.

Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Zigzigged: I love dictionaries and am a little prone to this. However, as my stress level goes up, my vocabulary goes down.

Pure Dead is a series of black comedy children's novels written by the Scottish author Debi Gliori. Published between 2001-2006, they follow the Strega-Borgia family as they dice with mobsters and powerful magical forces.

The Series consists of six books, split into two trilogies.

  • Pure Dead Magic
  • Pure Dead Wicked
  • Pure Dead Brilliant
  • Deep Trouble (Pure Dead Trouble)
  • Deep Water (Pure Dead Batty)
  • Deep Fear (Pure Dead Frozen)

Tropes in the Pure Dead Series

  • A Boy, a Girl, and a Baby Family: Titus, Pandora, and Damp. At least until baby Nieve comes along
  • Aerith and Bob: Titus, Pandora, and Lucifer alongside Marie, Flora, and Amelia.
  • Big Fancy Castle: StregaSchloss. It has fifty-six chimneys. And a moat.
  • Big Eater: Most of the characters fall under this.
  • Chekov's Gun: The large crystal from the chandelier [[spoilers:which turns out to be the Chronostone, a magical artifact of immense power.]]
  • Creepy Family: The Strega-Borgias live in a castle, keep vicious mythical creatures as pets, and have links to organised crime.
  • Cryonics Failure: Strega Nonna is accidentally thawed several times.
  • Discrete Dinner Disposal: Marie Bain’s cooking tends to be fed to the beasts or vanished with magic.
  • Eating the Enemy: The Beasts are prone to this.
  • Eat the Evidence: The Beasts again.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Creatures from Scottish, Classical, and Asian legends, a magical library, cyberspace, cloning, witches, demons, Death, time travel, and S’tan himself.
  • The Mafia: Recurring antagonists and the source of the Strega-Borgias’ fortune.
  • Magical Library: The Library: it's run by a centaur and loans out magical objects.
  • May–December Romance:
    • Latch and Mrs McLachlan.
    • Zigzagged with Ffup and the Sleeper. It comes across as this, and there is a large age gap, but both are hundreds of years old.
  • Odd Name Out: The Strega-Borgia family are: Baci, Luciano, Titus, Pandora, and Damp.
  • Satan: S’tan, the Big Bad of the second trilogy.
  • Toilet Humour: Used frequently, especially in scenes involving the beasts.

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